From The Drawing Board 14/03/2016

Currently I’m still plodding on with the castles! Most notably Bodiam Castle in Sussex and then Leeds Castle in Kent, I’m also of course working on Windsor Castle too! I’m also separately working on other well known and non-historical things like the ‘Cerne Abbas Giant’ of Dorset and even travel themed illustrations of Heathrow airport as well as Gatwick which obviously feature a lot of planes (something which also features a lot in my previous works in the skylines!)

I’ve also focused on some famous coastal towns and cities, such as Broadstairs and Margate which inspired me to also draw not only the Turner Contemporary Museum but also create a drawing of Mister Turner painting the sunset because as we all know he had a bit of a love affair with the area. Things such as this were really important to get into the image for me because I’ve focused so much on architecture not only here but also within my previous cityscapes, so I’m always happy to find different iconic associations that are more figurative. I’m also doing the Gherkin again, as it turned out to not be the right scale and also needed refining and I’ve also been working on some medieval half-timbered houses in Ipswich.


I think its safe to say that the south coast is definitely almost there and more or less covered! Currently my next focus is to bead further into East Anglia with my next city focus in particular being Essex.

Here are some close-up’s of how London is looking as well as Scotland which has also taken shape considerably!



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