From The Drawing Board – UK Map: Dogs

I’m still going full steam ahead with the re-appropriation of my UK Map and whilst working on the Cathedrals (as mentioned previously) was fun and interesting to explore, I felt it was time to incorporate some animals int the mix and not just focus on the architecture.




As I say, I really wanted to include things other than only buildings on this piece, not just a map of iconic landmarks and structures in the UK. A famous saying popped into my head one day, that being: “A British home is not complete without a dog in-front of the fireplace” which lead me to think “okay, dogs need to be included”. I started to investigate breeds of dogs which are maybe more typically british than others, then proceeded to narrow down what i found into a select handful to draw. Of course the first thing that comes up with are the Corgis and their royal connections, (I don’t know if they exist outside of this country!) they definitely have something national and iconic so I will definitely include those, these are also things I have drawn before based on the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 but obviously for this purpose I will leave the queen out, with the dogs themselves placed somewhere next to windsor castle I think.


The other breeds I came up with to also include are the Bassett, which is a breed that was great fun to draw based on its comedic grumpy features. I’ve also started working on what is possibly my favourite breed of iconically British dog which is the Beagle which is steeped in history but also controversy due to its historical connection to fox-hunting. Lets not forget the British Bulldog, hugely iconic on name alone but also reflective of strength and courage thanks to its stocky and resilient physical appearance and political connections during war times, this is a breed however sadly no longer exists.



Two I haven’t drawn yet but am currently working on incorporating for the future are dogs that are representative of our northern contingent, those being the Scotch and Yorkshire Terriers, bringing the grand total of dogs to feature on this re-imagination of my UK map to 6.

Outside of dogs, I have a list of animals which I wish to incorporate within the whole of the map, these include…


  • Farm Animals (Cows & Sheep)
  • Wildlife (Including Foxes)
  • Birds (Pheasants, Guinea Fowl, Grouse, Puffins, Parakeets)


All of these will be touched upon in the coming weeks, so keep following or hit follow if you haven’t already to keep up with my posts!



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