St Davids Day

To all my Welsh fans and readers: Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!


If you’re not familiar with the day itself and what it all stands for, then heres a quick summary: The day itself is the celebration of the legacy of Wales’ Patron Saint who of course was called ‘David’ and died around 589-601 AD. For centuries since, March 1st has become an annual event to celebrate such a life, with parades, food festivals and music events all taking place around the UK and across the world to highlight this historic figure. He’s known for his pilgrimages in an attempt to spread the word of Christianity at the time, as well as performing miracles with his most famous involving the arrival of a white dove and rising of ground whilst preaching, with the former largely reflected in his historical iconography.

I myself have drawn various aspects and locations of Wales, including the Cardiff city centre drawn similar to my signature urban style as well as featuring its famous agricultural icons as part of a bespoke work for the Oxford Farming Conference (see above).



I’m also currently working on featuring even more of Wales famous bits of iconography that doesn’t just revolve around architecture, in my up and coming piece which is an extension of what I created for the Oxford Farming Conference, something been mentioning regularly on this blog! You can see where I’m at with this currently below:


I personally would like to extend my wishes to all my Welsh fans, readers and bloggers and hope you have a fantastic day celebrating in whatever way you decide!


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