From The Drawing Board: 23/02/16

In regards to the cathedrals they keep coming! Theres still a few more in the pipeline and even though I’m not sure in the end if theres space on the map for all of them, I still definitely want to do them so I can decide which ones I’m going to use in the end.


Studying and analysing them has shown me that each one of them has their very own character and personality, meaning I really want to capture the spirit and the essence of each and every one of them. Of course the challenge that’s also here is to simplify the construction and the different elements but at the same time I also want to suggest a complex structure, so for example if you have those (i think they’re called) ‘buttresses’, drawing those becomes quite a challenging thing because that can end up with a complete mess if you want to depict all of them, but I’m trying to find a way to simplify that and to give an idea that they are there.


The other thing I’m finding extremely fascinating about all these cathedrals are the very intricate yet massive windows that you find amongst any of them. They’re very delicate and involve lots of  secondary structures and even smaller details of things like little rosettes… there’s a lot of fascinating elements to each and every one.

The challenge now really to get everything right, getting enough detail but not too much!





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