From The Drawing Board: 15/02/2016



Currently I’m exploring the way in which I present my topography within the map itself, which is the visual gradient that portrays land height on a map. Because of all the added elements that I’m incorporating into the map, I’m currently trying to decide wether or not to have a mixture of colours to define the height of whats not flat, or to sticking to a singular colour to define this. The dilemma at the minute is considering wether or not so much complexity is suitable for an image of this nature. Going back one step and creating the topography with different shades of green seem to be allowing for the icons that i plan to place on-top much more visible to the eye, but this is still very early days and I still need to find out what works best for myself.





Starting in the south west (Cornwall) I’m currently exploring the composition of which to apply my selected icons. Ive been to cornwall in the past, with places like Newquay staying fondly my brain; I particularly remember newquay having a floating rock structure with a bridge that lead to a house, which I’ve incorporated here. A lot of these illustrations boiled down to research, a particular fascination was found by discovering that the climate here allowed for tropical vegetation to grow (as shown in the palm tree, if you can spot it!) which I thought would be fun to include. i also incorporated food which included the infamous ‘Cornish Pasty’ as well as the ‘Stargaze Pie’. These icons haven’t reached the colouring stage yet but as you can see there placement has been finalised.




So far I’ve not really posted much about the pictures of the very first drafts of the iconography I’ve been making. In particular I’ve been keen to incorporate a structure which is quite quintessentially english, and that being cathedrals. There almost something dinosaur-esque in their nature I find with the scale, presence and age having a lot to do with this sentiment. they’ve got personality, are steeped in history and are quite commanding in their presence.

I want to try and include as many as I can within the map itself, with this in mind heres a few that I’m currently working on with them being in their rough draft stages (which if you follow this blog will understand that this is where everything all begins).


Ely Cathedral


Sailsbury and Winchester Cathedral’s


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