Opening Night: Hand drawn by Hartwig Braun

We’ve been teasing you with sneak peaks of our preparations for months now, not only on our social platforms, newsletters but also on our blogs, and after what has been years of dreaming, months of planing and many challenges, the day finally came for Hartwig to have his first solo exhibition on February 4th aptly entitled ‘Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun’

Largely based upon his drawing methods and processes, this exhibition is designed to explain the one thing people have always asked: “How do you do this? Where do you start?”. Starting from initial rough sketches which lead to singular line drawings of what you normally see upstairs, this show is designed to give you a chronological understanding as to how Hartwig’s works come to pass, and develop into the intensely intricate and colourful things you see in their complete forms.

This space also includes a first public glimpse of personal endeavours and commissions that Hartwig has undertaken, as well as special edition versions of previously complete and seen artworks. The response to our opening night was met with incredible acclaim which we the team are extremely pleased about, but no one was more glad than Hartwig:



“Before it began i felt extremely happy that we finally made it, because this essentially took years to come to fruition and over the past few months it came together very fast. The idea has always been thrown around, however always nice when a plan or a project comes together and finally gets there!

I was also very curious about how people would react and what they would say. Fast forward to an hour into the opening and to be completely honest i completely switched off, all I was concentrating on was the next person I was in presence off and explaining my process. However I was very aware of what was going on around me and I was very happy that the night seemed to be such a huge success! there were not just close friends coming but also people who were impartial and the response was so positive!


Isaac’s thoughts:

I was really pleased to see it finally finished with all the final touches complete and fully realised. there was a point where I wasn’t sure if we were going to happen in time but it all fell into place just when needed, which is of course brilliant.

The evening was extremely special indeed and even if we look at things objectively and focus purely on the turn-out from the public, it really as a success. Positive feedback, everyone loved the space and also the fact that they now know how he works, which was the ultimate point. I’m really proud to see it all finished after it taking such a long time to get there, but the real joy is now knowing that now everyone can come downstairs and know what he’s about just by looking.


Seeing the space like this and the hugely positive response we received from this event  has also given us the scope and confidence to plan and consider external events similar to these in a pop-up format, wether in our own space or externally. This is something which we will obviously be keeping you up to date with, as well as how the downstairs develops with time!

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