From The Drawing Board: 25/01/2016


Hartwig is currently working on a revamp of a previous commission that he did with the UK farming conference in 2015, in which he created a UK map highlighting a mix of agriculture across the country geographically. This re-work aims to be an expansion beyond what he did before, highlighting not only what he was asked to previously but also introducing landmarks, traditions and other famous forms of iconography.

“The Idea at first was out of pure coincidence, last year I got a commission to produce a map of the UK for a agricultural event, but I had the idea previously to do a map as I enjoyed producing ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ immensely and it was also very popular. I thought it would be a nice to create something bit more condensed yet more detailed, so it made sense to start by doing this country, and then possibly build from that and do Europe in the future. If you take the map of the world for example, theres less intricacy because theres a lot more going on in a confined space, whereas when we focus on one particular area and blow it up, capturing the detail accurately has become a challenge. I just enjoyed the idea of something different than the cityscape for a change, and having the ability to have more freedom with topography intricacy was appealing to me.

Currently I’m working in parallel with not only drawing the iconography and the details but also colouring the under-layer of the map digitally. I felt it was important for maps topography and physicality to be accurate as this was something I wasn’t able to do before in the maps previous form, so starting over on my own terms has allowed me to tackle the challenge how I want. When it comes to details I wish not only to focus on well known landmarks, but also buildings, nature, wildlife, sports, cuisine and traditions.”







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